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Questions we get asked at Nomadic...

Below is a list of common questions our customers ask when purchasing a Nomadic Off-Road Camper. We hope this helps you to understand our products and of course our business. 

Nomadic FAQs

Can I customise my Nomadic Off-Road Camper

To keep our production line streamlined, pricing low & productivity efficient we are only able to customise options to systems such as 240v electrical systems, 12v systems and access controls.

Pricing for these inclusions are ON THE "CUSTOMISE YOUR VAN PAGE"

Who Is Nomadic Off-Road Campers?

Nomadic Off-Road Campers is a 100% Australian Family owned business based on the Sunshine Coast. Adam Mathieson & his wife Karen are the owners of Nomadic Off-Road Campers and they have been passionate explorers for over 30 years. All Nomadic Off-Road Caravans & Campers are designed done in-house and engineer tested with CAD programs before production starts. Adam has worked in the Australian Caravan industry for the past 14 years and has been at the helm when it comes to design, implementation and construction of Campers & Caravans.

Where are Nomadic Off-Road Campers Made?

Every Nomadic Off-Road Camper is designed in Australia then the chassis, body and internal cabinetry is constructed under license overseas. To ensure the highest level of quality control we fit all of the critical components in our Sunshine Coast Factory including bearings, brakes, hubs, wheels, jockey wheel, coupling, trailer plug & Anderson plugs.

All of the 240v system is fitted and tested in Australia by an Aussie Electrician. All of the gas plumbing is fitted by a licensed Gas Plumber. All 12v systems, solar panels, Air-cons, antennas, TV's, hatches and awnings are all fitted in Australia using Australian Tradies.

The Nomadic Campers Second Stage Manufacturing process protects Aussie Jobs, ensures a premium product rolls off production and gives our customers peace of mind with their Investment. Nomadic Off-Road Campers -  "Built In Australia"

How long does my Nomadic Camper take to build?

From the point of deposit to delivery is normally around 12-18 weeks depending on the time of year i.e. Christmas breaks etc.

Where can I purchase a Nomadic Off-Road Camper?

We have dealerships in Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Lismore, Adelaide & Perth. These dealers will be able to assist you with either purchasing floor stock or ordering new models.

Our focus will be on partnering with dealers in Melbourne, Bendigo, Townsville, Brisbane, Newcastle & Darwin.

How "Off-road" is a Nomadic Off-Road Camper?

We have been putting campers & caravans through their paces for the past 20 years. The reality is, the only limitation is you. Like anything mechanical, it needs maintenance. Like the old saying goes, If you do not look after your machinery, it won't look after you...

We give customers a very detailed maintenance program which when carried out (usually annual service) will ensure the product gives it's owner decades of enjoyment.

What is the Warranty Period on a Nomadic Off-Road Camper?

Our Full warranty terms can be found in the customer owners manual. Customers are also covered by very stringent Australian Consumer Law guarantees.

As an overview Nomadic Off-Road Campers offer the following Warranties:

  • Chassis & Drawbar - Lifetime Warranty*

  • Cabinetry, Handles & Hinges - 2 Years workmanship

  • Rubber Seals & Locks - 2 years

  • O.E.M. Supplied products such as Hatches, windows, doors, stabliser legs, appliances, couplings are all covered by the individual manufacturer and carry warranties from 12 months - 3 years.

  • L.E.D. Lights - O.E.M warranty of 12 months

  • Batteries & 12v system - O.E.M warranty of up to 5 years

  • 240v Electrical - 2 year workmanship

  • Air-conditioner - up to 3 years with the O.E.M

  • Solar Panels - up to 2 years with the O.E.M

If you have any questions, please refer to the Owners Manual, Warranty Terms HERE or contact our team for clarification

Can my car tow a Nomadic Off-road Camper?

There are loads of vehicles that can tow a number of our caravans & campers however it is up to the individual owner to determine the suitable tow vehicle for their needs.

Do I need electric brakes?

Our customers will need to fit an electronic brake controller (usually Redarc tow-pro) to their vehicle prior to collecting their caravan or camper. We also encourage you to have an Anderson plug fitted for charging while driving.

It is important that you have the brake controller and Anderson plug fitted by a licensed Auto electrician or you may void your warranty.

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