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The Nomadic Off-road Campers Story

Meet Adam Mathieson - Director Nomadic Off-Road Campers


When it comes to the Caravan industry, there are hundreds of hours of videos & documents on the work that I have done over the years but what many people may not know is that the "Nomadic Way of life" began some 35 years ago when my father would take him camping on the beaches and creek banks in North Queensland.


Nothing was more exciting then grabbing the tent/swag, the boat, some food, fishing rods and heading off in the old Toyota ute.

My love for camping & exploring has taken him all around the world then in 2009 he moved from the UK back to Australia and settled down on the Sunshine Coast. From the beaches to the hinterland - we did  it all.


We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the world and now I love nothing more then grabbing my kids and heading off on an adventure around this beautiful country.



My love for building & designing trailers dates back to when i was just 12. I had a small lawn mower business and I needed to get the mower & weed eater around the neighborhood so we built a trailer that went onto the back of my bike.

In 2008 I wanted to get out of the tent and off the ground so we went about designing and building a box trailer style tent complete with kitchen slides, sink & roof top tent. This was one of the first roof top tent style trailers I think that existed and to this day it still serves its current owner well.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to help Swag Camper trailers with their marketing and product feedback. This opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Camper Trailers.In 2017 I took over as General Manager of Swag Camper Trailers when it was in a very precarious market position. 

I set about creating an entirely new range of Campers & Caravans from the ground up. Back then a lot of companies were focused on the cookie cutter style of importing campers however, I wanted our designs to be unique and something that no one else had.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, I transformed Swag from a company producing 30 trailers per year into a well recognised and respected RV dealer for the Australian Market.

My desire to have my own company and to develop my own unique product line was growing stronger. When the option to purchase Swag Camper Trailers was removed, the only option left for me was to go out on my own & Nomadic Off-road Campers was born.

My entire focus on delivering a high quality product for each individual customer has never changed.

Between me & my team, we have designed every square inch of each caravan & camper from the ground up ensuring the ultimate in quality control. We only use components that work and are backed by solid manufacturers support. This way my customers will have comfort with their investment in our business.

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