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Each year thousands of international and domestic tourists flock to what is one of the most captivating and beautiful natural wonders this country has to offer – K’GARI or Fraser island as it was previously known is a four wheel drive enthusiasts heaven and a place where you can escape to leave the real world behind.

Now normally I would recommend that you need to spend at least 7 to 10 days exploring however that is not always possible so in this blog we will plan a four-day escape to K’GARI.

Big disclaimer: we have checked the tides so that we're planning everything on the low tide. This is something that is critical to planning your adventure.

DAY 1 – Waddy Point, Maheno Wreck and Eli Creek

  • 4.30am Leave Brisbane and head straight to Rainbow Beach where we can board the Manta-Ray Barge. BOOK MANTA RAY BARGE HERE

  • No trip is complete without a quick pit-stop at the Rainbow beach bakery!!!

  • For the record we have all our food and drinks on board before we got to rainbow beach

  • Low tide this morning is 8:00 AM and high tide is 3:30 PM

  • Our plan is to get on the island by 8:30 AM and head straight up the beach for lunch at the and whale watching on Waddy Point

  • On the way we will stop at the Maheno Wreck then take in the sites of the Cathedrals.

  • After lunch and stretching our legs along the boardwalk we or make our way back for a swim at Eli Creek. Given that we are staying at Dilli village our plan is to be on the southern side of the Eli Creek in order to be able to get to our accommodation safely.

  • At 3.30pm we check in and set up our tents. Dilli is a wonderful quiet camp ground which is fully fenced for our young kids to play.


DAY 2 – Inland Tracks, Lake Boomanjin (red lake), Lake Birrabeen, Central Station & Lake McKenzie

  • From our accommodation we can head straight onto the inland tracks towards Lake Boomanjin. We jump out to stretch our legs and give the kids some fruit before jumping back in and heading towards Lake Birrabeen.

  • Lake Birrabeen is commonly referred to as little Mckenzie and when you see it you will understand why.

  • Back in the car and we had to central station for lunch. The boardwalk here is amazing and provides an opportunity for everyone to be able to stretch their legs.

  • After an hour we decide to head to Lake McKenzie for an afternoon swim. Generally, you will have a lot less people around in the afternoon because all the tourist buses have been gone!

  • From Lake Mckenzie we make our way to you Eurong resort then back out onto the beach

  • A spot a fishing concludes our day back at Dilli

DAY 3 – West Side and a swim in the red lake

  • The previous two days have been quite long, so we decide to take in a little bit easier today

  • our plan is to head to the West side of the island and explore Ungowa. Around here there is a number of old shipwrecks from the logging days and it is quite interesting to see some of the older buildings from days gone by.

  • On our way back from Ungowa we decide to go for a swim in the Red Lake Lake Boomanjin

  • After I swim the plan is to do another spot of fishing on the beach and relax for the afternoon around the campfire.

DAY 4 – Relaxing Sunrise followed by pack up time!!

  • We wake up early and head straight down to the beach for a magnificent sunrise

  • I stay and pack up the camp whilst my wife burns off some of the energy with the kids

  • we managed to get the 10 AM barge off the island. We stop at rainbow beach to give the car a good wash down followed by another pit stop at the bakery then we are off back to Brisbane.

There is no doubt that this is a fairly comprehensive an full on trip but if you only have a limited time to explore the island then this will enable you to see some of the many highlights and take in the best f what K’GARI has to offer.

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