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Big Caravan versus New Smaller Hybrid Caravans?????

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

It seems Australia's love affair with traveling the great open roads and exploring this vast country is set to continue with latest figures showing production of caravan's and campers is continuing to grow.

The biggest growth in the leisure market is being fueled by the demand for Hybrid Campers. Industry experts predict the next wave of growth in this space will be for Solid Roof Hybrid Caravans as opposed to the pop-top variants.

So - What is a Hybrid Caravan...?

Put simply, a Hybrid Caravan is a full height variant of the very popular "Pop-Top" Hybrid Campers that have taken Australia by storm this past decade albeit with a larger focus on more of the "Caravan features" not usually seen in Pop-Tops.

A Hybrid Caravan Features:

  • A Narrow body unlike traditional vans,

  • Are usually between 14-18 feet in length,

  • Can be dual axle

  • Do not have any fold out beds or setup areas.

  • Most Feature a separate Toilet & Shower as opposed to combo units.

  • Feature Internal & External Cooking Options

  • Feature an Internal Fridge as well as out door option.

  • Boast all of the features you have come to expect from a Hybrid Camper such as comfy beds, day lounge and who can forget - large external kitchens (no grease inside)...

Who is buying Hybrid Caravans?

Being full height, they are of massive appeal to the over 50's Aussie Travelers seeking an upgrade from their family camper now that the kids have grown up or a downsize from the larger bulkier 19-23 foot caravans.

For families ( and couples) the thought of having to tow a 22-24 foot caravan around Australia can be very daunting. Not to mention that you need to find somewhere to store such a large vehicle. The smaller 16-18 foot category is lighter and generally has all of the features you need in a caravan without unnecessary waste such as large ovens & mega lounges that don't get used etc.

For couples there are huge advantages you can find in your Hybrid Caravan such as washing machines, internal microwave, internal fridge, air conditioning and big comfortable bed that doesn't have to be made each night.

Are they easier to tow?

Being a narrow body there is obvious fuel savings and towing advantages when comparing to the more traditional style of wide body caravan. This is a big draw-card for couples who are now selling their larger caravans in order to reach more remote destinations without breaking the bank.

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